Principles & Objects

Our objects are:
  • The advancement of environmental protection and improvement through the provision of opportunities to engage with the local environment and in particular (without limitation) to help the Community and its businesses and more distant people to learn, record, monitor, photograph and gain practical experience and/or participate in the preservation and management of wildlife habitat, wildflowers, plants, tree and seed propagation and the promotion of a holistic ‘green’ approach to the environment its wildlife, flora and fauna.
  • The advancement of citizenship, business, and community development by working with and supporting participation and access to local regional and national businesses, employers and agencies to propagate land, environmental and community regeneration in the operating area by maintaining or improving the physical, social and economic environment and to assist those in the community who are at a disadvantage through social and/ or economic circumstances.
  • The advancement of education by providing a framework for local people or people visiting the Community to utilise and enhance their existing skills and learn new skills to improve their potential for economic activity and/or their quality of life. 
  • The advancement of arts, heritage, culture and science by supporting participation and access to creative and cultural activities through engagement with partners and development of related projects.
  • The provision of recreational opportunities and facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended.
  • The provision of tourist opportunities and facilities, or the organisation of tourist opportunities and facilities with the objective of improving the experience of visitors to the Community.

KiW Personnel

Sarah Deere Jones

Sarah is a musician and composer, and as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, has toured and lectured in Australia, USA and Europe regularly for the last 30 yrs. While a student in London she worked in the UK head offices of Greenpeace, and later while living in Dorset, she was director of two successful independent local environmental campaigning groups in the 80s & 90s. Now living in north Cornwall, she is rewilding her own 11 acres of meadows and woodland, volunteers for the BTO and Cornwall Seal Group,
and is warden of KiW's Tamarstone meadow.

Derek Gow

Derek Gow is a farmer and ecologist who farms near Broadwoodwidger in Cornwall. He has played a significant role in the reintroductions of water voles and beavers for the last quarter of a century. He is diversifying his business to include a wildlife photography and film unit and nature based camping. Half of his land is being turned back to nature as a result of this project with water buffalo, boar and other wild animal species assisting its conversion from farmland to vibrant life space  for a broad guild of other creatures.

Nick Viney

Nick is an artist, range clearer and regenerative farmer on Dartmoor. For 30 years she has campaigned for a ‘greener agriculture’. She uses grazing livestock to improve soil health and biodiversity to produce completely chemical free plants, meat and fibre. She has a particular interest in natural flood management, floodplain mire restoration and transitioning overgrazed land to diverse, productive and resilient habitats.
Nick's mission is to help bridge the gap between rewilding and conventional agriculture and in doing so bring regenerative agriculture to Dartmoor

Jon Whitfield QC

Jon has spent his career working in criminal and regulatory hearings as an advocate or advisor and sitting as a judge in mental health tribunals. To promote long term financial stability for individuals and their businesses he set up three pension funds for barristers and staff as well as health schemes to ensure people remain healthy and happy in their work.
Jon has a keen interest in the environment and the challenges faced by the natural community and the farming community.







Our mission statement and the above objectives are contained in our Constitution which is available to download below.

Annual Accounts

Our annual accounts will be published and available for download in due course.

AGM Minutes

Our AGM minutes will be published and available for download in due course.