About KiW

Our Mission

KiW was set up as a Community Interest Company with the objective of purchasing small pockets of land that are wildlife rich oases to hold and maintain in an environmentally friendly way for the benefit of all. The little gems that are vital to local communities and wildlife but overlooked by larger organisations because they are too small or too remote to be cost effective. These little oases are doubly important. They are frequently significant for local people as well as wildlife and they can act as stepping stones between larger sites which might otherwise become isolated and diminish.

Our emphasis is on supporting nature and the environment but not at the cost of the human community. Our methodology is to work in partnership with people who already know, enjoy, work, live, or rely upon the land. We recognise that are tensions in environmental management but we want to break the endless cycle of blame and standoff which leads nowhere. If we want a brighter, sustainable more prosperous future for everyone then we have to find the common ground to make it happen.

Our Core Values

We adhere to the Nolan Principles and aim to bring these to bear on all our work.
Openness & Honesty: KiW will always be straightforward and honest in what we want to achieve, how we intend to set about it and, how we deliver on that ambition.
Integrity & Selflessness: There may be times when we have to say, confront or support things that are difficult. Nonetheless if it needs doing to meet our core aim of positive environmental change then we will deal with it quietly, confidently and without confrontation or judgement.
Objectivity & Accountability: Our aims and reasons for our actions, our methodology, our success or failure and our governance will always be open to scrutiny.
Leadership: In our own quiet way we are determined to make a difference. We can make changes that are beneficial to all if we communicate clearly and work together. Our aim is to walk that path and encourage others to walk with us.

In addition, we are hardworking, receptive to ideas &/or criticism and loyal to those who help. We want to find or support solutions that benefit the environment and the community. That means carrying people forward together not forcing an agenda or trampling on established ways of life but working to make positive, beneficial change a reality.

Charitable Status (CIO) Application

Having saved Tamarstone and been approached for several more projects we have applied to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We believe this will further our principal aim of purchasing and/or holding land in trust for us all. This website has been written with that application and aim in mind hence the reference to the trustees and the constitution on our Governance page.